Sports Bottles

Our UK manufactured range is made from 100% LDPE using up to 30% more material than our competitors which ensure these bottles have a bright shiny appearance and a soft pliable feel. LDPE falls within the 7% of plastics that the UK currently recycle. All our products meet EU food and drink standards. No BPA (bisphenol-A) is used in the manufacturing process, or contained in the product.

Olympic 380CC

This is the smallest of our Olympic range of bottles. With its unique moulded fingergrips, this small, slim, sleek & contemporary bottle, with a wide neck opening is ideal for all ages including children, for sports, clubs, schools, nurseries and is especially popular as an inexpensive promotional gift that will last and be enjoyed time after time.

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Olympic 500CC

Need to make an impression? Look no further than this half litre bottle with moulded fingergrips for ease of use. With its large print face, and wide choice of colours, this bottle is the perfect budget bottle suitable for all your promotional needs.

This bottle is especially popular with leisure and sports clubs, gyms, team sports, universities, colleges, schools, offices, professional workers. The list is endless!

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Energize 500CC

Looking to place more than one logo or if you would like your logo to be seen on both sides of the bottle, then consider this practical, stylish, well priced bottle. With virtual wraparound print area this bottle is very popular with all leisure, sports, promotional and school requirements.

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Olympic 750CC

Looking for an impressive 750cc bottle to make a lasting statement, this bottle makes an impression that will delight!

This functional stylish bottle with moulded fingergrips and large print area is exceedingly popular for all sports, leisure and promotional needs, especially team sports including Rugby, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Netball, and Gymnastics.

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Energize 750CC

With a wraparound print area, this impressive 750cc bottle suits all promotional needs, as well as schools, universities, leisure and sports facilities.

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Olympic 1000CC

Impressive, full 1 litre bottle. This is the largest of our Olympic bottle range. This bottle stands proud in any situation. With the moulded fingergrips and exceptionally large print face, and with the option to print in a second position above the fingergrips, this bottle is magnificent. This bottle commands attention, and is exceedingly popular for promotional needs where the customer wants to make an outstanding statement that will turn heads!

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Apollo 550cc

A versatile bottle, designed to fit sport bags side pouches, this design is very popular with schools and promotional activity.

Available in vast array of colour combinations. It benefits from rap round printing and very short lead times.

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Titan 750cc


Great for all sports, fits cycle cages, car cup holders and of course promotional use.

Its sleek design, finger grips and close print registration have all contributed to this being the number 1 selling 750ml bottle.

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ACE 600cc

A very popular running bottle due to it being ergonomically designed for use when exercising. The convenient finger grips make it easy to grip while the shape ensures it can hold a large volume of liquid.

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