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Bottlesport are a rapidly growing, dynamic, organisation operating from two UK addresses. Over the last fifteen years we have considerably grown and are proud to offer the following services. 


All our sports bottles are blow moulded on our own machines right here in the UK. Our bottles are then screen printed with the customers own logo. We use a selection of state of the art printing machines to offer huge variety of print options all with great lead times. These screen printing machines include a fully automated four colour process machine, a fully automated three station machine and four semi-automatic machines.

The diverse range of bottles is continually evolving to meet our customers constantly changing needs. Our stock range of sports bottles includes models with sizes varying from 300cc to 1000cc, a runners’ bottle, protein shakers and bio-degradable bottles.    

Sales & Design

Our dedicated sales team will always help you find the solution you are looking for. We offer bespoke design screen printing from as little as 50 pieces. Our artwork team have thirty years’ experience, between them, designing bottles. They understand the importance of maximising corporate colour schemes whilst working within budgetary restraints. We pantone match any print colours at no extra charge and can also manufacture pantone matched bottles from 5000 pieces.
In our custom designed warehouses we stock over two million bottles and tops. This large stock allows great lead times on all these products. Standard delivery is normally within two weeks of artwork approval. We also offer an express print service where we can produce bespoke bottles within two days. 
We have an eco-friendly range of bottles that will biodegrade in an active landfill. We hold stock of our Olympic 500cc in translucent which contain a special derivative (called EcoPure) that allows the bottle to break down in an active landfill. We can manufacture any of our bottles in any colour with the same derivative from 2500 pieces. The science bit: the Biodegration process uses microorganisms found in biomass such as a landfill site. The LDPE polymer only starts to breakdown when active biomass and H2O are present. EcoPure makes the plastic more hydrophilic (attracts water), most plastics are hydrophobic (repels water) which is the reason they do not biodegrade. In aerobic (amble O2 present) conditions CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is the product of biodegration. In anaerobic (lack of O2 present) conditions CH4 (Methane) is the product of biodegration.

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